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FINathon ~ Amarilla Divers Tenerife

San Miguel De Abona, Spain

28.024078, -16.609354

Please help us raise money for Project AWARE and sponsor us in our FINathon.

We will be swimming a 12 hour relay to gain as many laps as possible between 8am & 8pm on the 21st July.

If you would like to sponsor us here is our sponsor page.

many thanks for your support :)


Amarilla Divers is commited to helping the environment and helping towards saving & projecting our Oceans. This is where we spend most of our time, so we need to make sure that the life we can see, stays where we can see it !

As a 100% AWARE Dive Center aswel we believe it is the best way to conserve the underwater world that we have a huge passion for.

Sharks have great importance in the eco-system of our seas and they are not treated with the best intent. If we can help, even a little, then this is what we intend to do.


Please help US support the oceans.

Amarilla Divers Team :)

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