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Fresh Creek Harbour mouth cleanup


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Andros Island is the largest of the Bahamian islands and is home to the Andros barrier reef, the third largest barrier reef in the world. As one of the least populated regions in the Caribbean Basin, Andros Island and its myriad tidal creeks, interconnected lakes, mud flats, and mangroves support some of the largest populations of underwater life in the region.


For years divers and snorkelers have been visiting Andros to experience the beauty of its reefs, it has also been prime destination for sport fishers because of its large population of bonefish and tarpon.


However every tide brings more marine debris to our shores and every effort is being made to protect our marine resources through education and cleanups.


The Andros Conservancy and Trust (Ancat) has been restoring Fresh Creek inlet for the past two years, we have removed garbage from 8 miles of inland shoreline and taken tons of debris from the water. September 2011 will see us diving in the mouth of the Fresh Creek Harbour to further restore the area in an effort to recreate a habitat conducive to marine animal breeding allowing the juvenile nursery to flourish.

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