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Fund raising challenge

tulum, Mexico

20.03529, -87.484131

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If you want to join this challenge please email to

If you wish to help with funds or or jaen-nieto amat 

On October 26,27 and 28th we will be doing a physical hallenge in order to raise funds for: 


1. Establishing a recycling centre in Punta Allen: the community has been working towards the construction of a recycling centre where they can store all the rubbish they are separating. The money will be used to help building the centre, to buy recycling bins for town, and to give mantainance to the centre.


2. Amigos de Sian Ka'an (ASK) Marine Ecosystem projects: ASK are an NGO that has been working for 25 years, they are our major partners and some of their achivements are the creation of "no take" zones in the reef, protected areas and management plans for the region. The money will be used to buy equipment like BCDs, regulators, tanks, gps and other bits that they need to continue working on their different projects.

The Challenge

Day 1

We will start at Pez Maya base where we will adventure into the mangrove system and kayak for a few hours to Paso Lagartos.We will be rowing 20 km! Rumour says that it will take us about 5 hours! Then we will spend the night camping on the beach.


Day 2

With an early start, we will continue the adventure through the mangroves all the way to Punta Allen, just another 20 km!


Day 3

As if it wasn't enough with two days rowing, we will be cycling back from Punta Allen to Tulum on the very bumpy road through the Reserve. In total we will be cycling about 52 km!

It will be quite intense but it is for a good cause.

Both projects are very important and are helping to the conservation of our ecosystems.

Thank you very much in advanced, every little bit helps!

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