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Ghost net removal in Musandam

dibah, United Arab Emirates

25.646488, 56.26634

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Dear all,

This week a turtle got saved during a dive by a friend of mine while he was diving on ras marovi, he spent 25 min entangling the poor things and was rewarded with the turtle rushing back to the surface for a gulp of fresh air.

As you might know, the Musandam is being exploited every day by the fishery industry. Over here it is a way of life, most omani's are fisherman and in most cases they make a living of fishing with nets, line fishing or even long lining. There is quite a few lost ghot nets threatening turtles, sharks and many other species. There is also loads of fishing line caught up in corals which is also a threat to turtles as they get entabgled in them.


I would like to invite you divers to join me this april on thurssday 26 th of april to remove those ghost nets and fishing lines. I want to start this gost fishing removal with the site known as ras marovi since this where that turlte was badly entangled.

If we put our efforts together we can prevent other turtles to be caught by those nets and being removed from their genetic pool.

If you wan to join me on the 26th of april please deop an email at

This is a non profit dive and event aiming at sustaining our reefs with the beauty we know, I will provide the boat with captain my staff will join if you wish to join please bring you're lunches and soft drinks. Equipment and tanks will be available for rental.



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