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Global Shark survey 2011/2012


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Global Shark Survey

The Global Shark Survey is extracting diver observation data from the records stored in dive log books around the world. Simple records, hours underwater, sharks seen, when & where.  Remember zero sharks seen is a very significant number - send us all the dives where you did NOT see sharks.

An invitation to participate has been widely circulated by email and Facebook messages to diver groups and shark websites. The preliminary data shows:-

 2050 hours underwater in a National Park and no sharks seen.
 Comparisons over 15 years, from 1996 & 97 to 2008 to 2010 surveys have shown a 98% fall in populations.
 91 of the shark species which are recorded from the South China Sea have completely disappeared.

With this data, the Sabah Government are preparing to add all sharks to the protected species list.  An Action Plan is being prepared and a Shark Sanctuary is being developed.

The project went global in April 2011 and we have received considerable numbers of observations, Preliminary results on the places which still have sharks is here.

The Green Connection ( are donating time and expertise free of charge.
Several students from all over the world are donating time and expertise free of charge.
If you can help with time, or money, please contact us (

Divers around the world are donating data.  Complete the data form here  Or join us on facebook save sharks in sabah or global shark survey

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