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Go Green for Blue: The James Cameron Challenge

Denver, United States


James Cameron Challenge: Go Green for Blue

James Cameron (Explorer, Avatar, Titanic) recently challenged all ocean stewards to give up meat & seafood and eat an Ocean Friendly, plant-based diet instead.  That is the number one way to save our oceans, since it has the biggest impact. The choices we make 3 times a day - every time we eat - have a significant impact on the health of our oceans, no matter where we live, whether it's the mountains of Colorado or the coast of Florida.  

Join Ocean Stewards from all walks from around the world in this ocean challenge. 

You can personally save up to 1,000 gallons of water from being polluted with each meal. The sooner you join, the better.

The Ocean Needs You.

Kaki Flynn
Go Green for Blue

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