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The Great Fiji Shark Count at Dive Wananavu

Raki Raki, Fiji

-15.042418, 176.85791

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Once again it is time for all of the divers and snorkellers that visit the beautiful waters of Fiji to take part in The Great Fiji Shark Count, and Dive Wananavu is no different.  Every time we hit the water throughout the month of April we will be makring down all of the shark, turtle and ray species we see (or don't, it all goes to help the scientists!).

All of the information that we collect will help towards trying to get a better idea of Fiji's shark populations so that they can be better protected.


We are also offering all of our dive guests the opportunity to gain their Project AWARE Shark Conservation Diver certification.  And if your not a diver, but enjoy snorkelling in the big blue, join us for the presentations too.

If you need a holiday destination and want to help save the oceans, come and join us, our boat (and amazing diving) is waiting!

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