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Help Release Baby Turtles into the Ocean

Cancun, Mexico

21.102318, -86.763582

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Helped release over 1,000 newly hatched baby sea turtles over a 3 night period.  In the hotel zone in Cancun they have a program in place that digs up newly laid turtle eggs and reburies them in marked spots within fenced in areas on the beach.  This helps protect the eggs from tourists, vandals, etc.  Since there is a 2 month incubation period, the date the eggs are laid and the date they will hatch is on the markers.  The day of the hatching the newly hatched turtles are collecting and put into crates and kept sheltered for the day.  In the evening they are released into the ocean. This is done to give them a greater rate of survivial away from preying birds and other preadators.  This years egg count is double that of the eggs laid in the hotel zone in 2012.  An estimated 22,000 eggs.  Go turtles!  Unfortunately out of the 1,000 we released, less than 50 are expected to reach maturity due to predators.

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