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Huge Net Removal - Volunteers Urgently Needed

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22.116177, -159.362183

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We received a report of a large net floating at Ahukini landing.  Initial reports said it was as long as a football field.  I went to do some recon and was only able to locate a small net entangled in the old pilings on the inside of the jetty. This net is in a location that turtles like to hang out and is a threat to entangling coral and other marine life so we want to get in and clean it up right away.  We will be conducting this in-water clean up tomorrow Saturday January 19th.  I apologize for the short notice, however much appreciate if you are able to come. 

Along with this net clean up, Barbara Wiedner, the Surfrider Net Patrol Queen, is also conducting a shoreline net removal in Kapaa so if anyone can assist from shore for the Kapaa or the Ahukini landing cleanups your assistance will be needed as well.

We will all meet together at 9am in Kapaa where Kawaihau road meets with Kuhio Hwy.  This is just past the Mexican lunch wagon "Pacos Tacos" as you are leaving Kapaa toward Hanalei.  See this google map link if it works

For those of you who would like to assist at the Ahukini landing clean up I need the following

Scuba Divers - You must be certified, you will need to bring all your own equipment.  I can possible provide the tank, but I only have 4 available so the first 4 to contact me and reserve them can use these tanks.

Snorkelers - We can use some snorkelers to help at the surface moving the net to shore and also assisting as needed to make sure everyone is safe.  You will need to bring your own snorkel gear.

Land support - We will need as many people possible on land to help pull the net from the water up the rocks and into the parking lot. 

Truck - we need an older truck that someone is not worried about getting a lot of salt water in the bed of the truck and possible scratches from us loading the net int the truck. 

Everyone please bring water gloves if you have them.

In-water removal is easiest with a sharp serrated knife.

Photographers needed on land and in-water to document our efforts.  This is important to have for future grant funding opportunities.

Each volunteer will need to fill out a volunteer agreement and liability release form if you have not already done so.

For those of you who will be helping out in Kapaa with Barbara, she will have many supplies such as knifes and gloves, however it is also good if you can bring your own. 

Below is the timeline for Ahukini.  If you can not stay the whole time that is fine.  We may even be done by 11:30am if things go smooth.

9 am meet and greet at Kapaa site

9:20am depart to Ahukini Landing

9:30 - 10:00 am set up gear at ahukini

10:00 - 12:00 am remove net and possible a few tires at Ahukini

12:00 - 12:30 pm gear break down and clean up

12:30 pm All Pau

No Lunch is planned however if you want to bring some snacks to share that will be nice. 

I will have a water cooler so if you bring your own reusable waterbottle that will be good too.

Hope to see you there.  Please let me know if you have further questions.  I put this together quickly so please forgive me for typos or if I missed any important details.

Scott Bacon
Malama Na `Apapa Director

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