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Lyon Park & Stream Clean Up

Durham, United States

35.986689, -78.918988

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Join BSA Venturing Crew 505 for the day; and assisting in cleaning up this local community park that the crew has adopted. Its not just about work, there will be good food and some fun and games to participate in as well. 

The park is need of some TLC and we could use everyones help, if you have some friends or family members who would be willing to contribute some time the more hands we have the better. 

Clean-Up bags and gloves will be provided to everyone assisting. 

Over the course of the day we will do an initial clean up of the park & bordering stream. This will mainly include doing trash clean up. We will also collect water samples from the stream and perform an initial environmental health assessment of the area. 

For this first day we will be focusing on our attention on the south end of the park (near the play ground and basket ball courts. 

Over the course of the day we will also start to develop our long term plans for the park and stream area; based on the needs of the park. This will include multiple special projects to be completed during future visits. 

We will be doing a pot luck style lunch for the day, so there will be lots of good food to enjoy. We are asking everyone to bring one dish to share with 5 - 10 others. If each of us brings a dish we will have more then enough food for all. If you are unable to bring a dish thats ok to.

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