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Manta Ray Black Tie Fundraiser Ball

Coral Bay, Australia

-23.054462, 113.752441

  We’d like to invite you to support the Manta Ray Black Tie Ball raising funds for Project AWARE Foundation. The ball will include a silent auction, live music with Lightning Jack and with the Cape Collective, information, finger food and a raffle.

Check out our fundraising page

This ball aims to raise awareness about the manta's plight. Through manta tourism the businesses and community members of the Ningaloo Reef area have been able to make an income and here is a chance to give something back.

We have chosen to fund raise for our ocean and ask you to generously support our cause by either joining us at the event, donating prizes for our silent auction or donating money. If you're unable to attend the event and you want to contribute to the international cause of manta rays protection you can donate with Paypal to this account:
or just follow the link at the top of the page to our fundraising page.
In doing so you’ll be making a difference. 

The event will be held on August 16th at Kane's Camp in Coral Bay. Tickets will be on sale from the 20th of July. 

Studies demonstrate that the manta's population has declined up to 86% over the past six to eight years. The main reason is that the manta's gill rakers (the feathery structures that they use to feed) are used in Chinese medicine. International trade in gill rakers is driven by Asian markets and poses an immediate threat to the mantas survival. Catch of mantas reported to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has almost quadrupled in seven years. A single manta is estimated to be worth $1 million in tourism over its lifetime, while that same manta could be worth as little as $150 to a fishery.

Secondary threats are by-catch, marine debris and boat strikes.
Mantas are at particular risk to over-fishing because they produce very few young and many populations have already been depleted by unregulated fishing.
Mantas have been classified as Vulnerable by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and Project AWARE and their partners worked hard and succeeded in helping to get mantas protected first under the Convention on Migratory Species of Wild Animals (CMS) in 2011, then under CITES in 2013 to ensure that international trade is strictly controlled and held to sustainable levels. This was a historic milestone for manta conservation, but they’re not stopping there. This fundraiser is going to contribute for Project AWARE to continue their work to protect mantas.

Our oceans thank you..


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