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Month Long Commitment to Reducing Marine Debris

Koh Tao, Thailand

10.06622, 99.827099

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For this year’s Project AWARE Debris Month of Action we pledge to bring back some marine rubbish everyday from our dives for the whole 31 days of September. Be it a big clean-up such as those with the Save Koh Tao Group, or just a few items found while teaching a course.

Each day, we will post the weights on our website, and post a new “Stop the Ocean’s Silent Killer” sign onto our dive center wall. Not only will this encourage our dive leaders and customers to get involved, but hopefully encourage our students to be more responsible divers that will take part in clean-up actions year round. At the end of the month we will add up the total, and make it our goal to top it next year.

In addition to cleaning up the rubbish that has already made it into our oceans, we will also be starting a new program to reduce the amount of waste brought to our dive school. We will now charge anybody who brings a plastic bag or foam box to our dive school 10 baht (including all customers and staff). This 10 baht will go as a donation to our Sea Turtle Head-Starting and Rehabilitation Program to purchase food, antibiotics, and other needs for the turtles.  Since Sea Turtles are one of the animals most threatened by marine debris we feel this is a good way to help people understand and see the connections between this issue and others facing our ocean.

We welcome your support, please follow along with us on our facebook page for more details.

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