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Need your contribution: Survey on coral reef under climate change risk


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Who am I?

An environmental economist based on  land!

What is the concern?

Climate change threatens the stability of the long-standing relationship between human society and the marine life especially for the coral reef. We are limited in understanding the coral reef values to society and their dynamic response to climate change and subsequent effects to communities.

What is my task?

Investigate and examine the economic losses of global coral reef under the effects of climate change.

What data do I need to collect? 

Complete entries on the online survey (select from one of the three languages English, French and Spanish) for recreational divers only.

Why do I need your help?

Our environment is fragile and under threat of climate change. Your response to this survey will better the research of economic benefit of coral reefs to our communities and the associated socio-cultural-economic losses by climate change.

How can you contribute?

Participate or forward the online survey to others (see the link below) and we can all contribute to the research of global values of coral reefs.

To access the customized survey, select one of these: 

For English

For French

For Spanish


My favourite Youtube links related to coral reefs:

Have ideas on  better ways to value corals under climate change?

Would love to hear your ideas submit your comments on my wall


Thank You for your participation :-)

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