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Ocean Encounters Finathon

Netherlands Antilles

12.09841, -68.812866

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Please Help Us Protect Sharks
We're swimming to end  finning and a big part of this challenge is to raise much needed funds to protect sharks. After a big succes last year we are doing it again!
The start of this years relay will be at the Chill Bar @ Sea Aquarium Beach. More details will follow soon but in the mean time SAVE THE DATE 24th of August to do some serious swimming.
Please donate or  join our Finathon Challenge today!
Thanks for your FINtastic support - it will make a difference. 
Why be FINatical about sharks with AWARE? 
Shark fishing is largely unregulated around the world. Overfishing, bycatch and finning – the slicing of sharks fining and throwing away the body at sea - kills thousands of sharks every day. 
Project AWARE  helped close loopholes in the EU finning ban and secure international trade protections for 8 of the world’s most vulnerable sharks and rays. But, to ensure the survival of sharks, stricter, enforceable controls are needed for more species at national, regional and global levels.

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