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PADI Shark Awareness Course & Dive Day

Sydney, Australia

-33.963245, 151.252102

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Learn more about Shark Biology, diving techniques with sharks and shark conservation ... National Geographic and PADI work together to raise awareness about the threats to their survival and practical steps to their conservation. 

The purpose of the Shark Awareness Specialty Course is to familiarise the diver with the proper techniques for diving with sharks. When encountering sharks, we should leave minimal impact on the sharks habitat and behaviour.

It also covers In non- scientific terms, general biology, reproduction, diet, habits, species identification.

You will start the program with our self-study guide prior to the day's diving. Prior to the two dives you will workshop with your dive buddies and PADI Instructor how you can make a difference. We will be doing two dives with a colony of Grey Nurse Sharks who make these waters their home.  You will be able to observe them first-hand and document your findings as a PADI National Geographic Diver. A follow-up theory session will be scheduled for your to discuss your findings. To enrol simply email  Cost $210 including a double boat dive.



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