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Patana International School Shark Guardian Presentation

Bangkok, Thailand

13.624633, 100.371094

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Shark Guardian is a non-profit organization founded by Brendon Sing, an experienced PADI scuba diving instructor trainer with a great passion for sharks. Brendon has been focusing on shark conservation, education, supporting shark conservation efforts and leading scuba dives for shark encounters since 1998. The Shark Guardian presentation was created by Brendon to be used as an inspiring, fun and visually stimulating slide show to be viewed by dive centers, resorts, international schools, diving enthusiasts and the general public. This ever changing presentation (continuously being updated) has been viewed in several countries including South Africa, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. Shark Guardian is now the banner and symbol for future educational and inspiring presentations that will be presented worldwide.


Presentation Topics include: 

- Media perceptions and fears of sharks

- Shark Evolution

- Shark Species and Identification

- Sharks threatened by human impacts

- The role of sharks in the marine ecosystem

- Shark conservation and action


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