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[PETITION] MUJI JAPAN: Stop selling shark fin soup


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My name is Eri and I'm a Japanese woman who really cares about sharks. I was horrified and disgusted that Japan (more so even than China), tried to block protection for sharks at the recent CITES conference. My country has to change before it's too late. When I discovered that the popular Japanese retailer MUJI (a self-proclaimed eco-company with 580 stores globally) was selling shark fin soup, I wrote to the company with some facts and figures about the shark population crisis. To my great disappointment, they flatly refused to stop selling shark fin soup, stating that it was 'a traditional food' and that they would not stop selling it unless a government restriction was put in place.

I decided to establish a global petition aimed at getting shark fin soup off their shelves. I believe this petition has a genuine shot at success, because MUJI *have* listened to customers' voices before and made positive change. Moreover, a victory here would provide powerful precedent for future oceanic conservation campaigns in Japan.

But, for this campaign to work, I really need your support.

Please sign and share the petition via the link below.

Thank you so much for your help.

Warmest regards,

Eri Tanaka

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