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Project AWARE Clean Up in Kerteminde Harbor with Diving 2000

Kerteminde, Denmark

55.450885, 10.66479

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Help dive center Diving 2000 clean up in the harbor of Kerteminde - one of the most beautiful dive spots in Denmark. The harbor is unfortunately often used as a trash can by tourists and inhabitants of this small vacation town. The harbor itself is teeming with fish and marine life and the currents flowing through the narrow harbor into the fjord are both cleansing and brings along lots of nutrients for the animals and plants living there. On the dive you can expect to find shopping carts, bicycles, bottles and cans, plastic bags and other more surprising things. The area of Kerteminde is also home to one of the largest populations of harbor porpoises, the only whale living in Denmark, in the world. We often collaborate with the research center and educational aquarium, Fjord & Bælt, for these Project AWARE events in Kerteminde. Join us by signing up for the event here:




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