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Project Aware Debris Clean Up Prospect Wharf- Nova Scotia

St Margarets Bay, Canada

-89.500956, -130.078125

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The 2nd annual monthly 'Dive against Debris' at Prospect Harbour a well-known site to have debris. Our objective is to clean up the seabed from debris which is ruining the environmental and aesthetic of our coastline and education divers on how they can make a difference an become involved in Project Aware. We're planning to have buddy groups work together, plan dives around the jetty to remove debris. We will have all the required equipment to be involved in the clean-up but divers are encouraged to bring their own catch-bags. In case we run out of catch-bags. Event will take place from 10:30am to 1:30pm at Prospect Wharf and a BBQ to follow after the clean-up. Come out and join us; see how much we can clean up as a group. A side note for people planning on joining us this date; we will need to think about carpooling to keep the number of vehicles to a minimum.

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