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Reef Check Ecodiver Instructor Training

Koh Tao, Thailand

10.085319, 99.824953

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Reef Check is an International eco-monitoring program for divers the world over. Collecting data to help scientists, governments, resource managers and other stakeholders to manage coral reef environments.


The first Reef Check Ecodiver Instructor Course held on Koh Tao will be a huge hit allowing the many dive professionals on Koh Tao to join the ranks of conservationists by teaching. 


The Ecodiver Instructor Training allows instructors and divemasters to teach divers about conservation, Reef Check, their surveys and allow them to join surveys and survey teams around the globe and submit data in the fight to protect reefs worldwide.


It will open your eyes to the underwater world and you will see it in a whole different light. You will learn just HOW MUCH you and your divers are missing when you dive.


Eligibility: To be a Reef Check Instructor you need to an PADI (or equivalent) Divemaster or Instructor

Dates: December 17th, 9am  Until December 20th, 2011

Cost: 16, 500 thb

Note: If previously certified as a Reef Check Ecodiver – 9,500 thb

Location: Crystal Dive Resort, Mae Haad, Koh Tao


For more information see, or email instructor Nathan Cook at

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