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Reef repair, Coral planting, Turtle & Shark protection


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Coral reefs close to the world famous dive site of Sipadan in the Semporna area of Sabah are some of the best in the world with more species than other places on the planet. Some of the reefs are however very damaged by blast fishing, we dive on beautiful reefs with amazing diversity, this is muck diving in great visibility.  Come on holiday and enjoy some of the best diving in the world and in your surface interval or 3rd or 4th dive of the day help us to repair a reef.  Check out tracc for more info.


This TRACC/Celebes Island Resort project is a 3 year initiative to reverse the damage.  The site is one of the reefs in the Semporna area famous because they are close to Sipadan and because they are some of the best Muck diving sites on the planet.

Our partners are the
Celebes island resort  is a small boutique resort on the island.
TRACC or Tropical Research and Conservation Centre is a registered charity specialising in coral reef conservation in Borneo.

Volunteer divers will replant the damaged areas of the reef and monitor recovery and growth.  Over the course of the year divers will re-plant a damaged reef with the largest number of replanted coral ever undertaken. The target is to plant 25000 coral blocks within the year. Each coral block has 3 fragments of living coral which will re-grow into new coral colonies. For more info on our coral planting activites see

The number of corals replanted will be entered into the Malaysian Book of records.
The local villages will be involved making the coral blocks, and volunteers will participate in environmental education, games, puzzles and challenges.  The island also has a resident turtle population which nest almost every night.  The project is also building fish aggregation devices to keep the bait ball schools close to the island.  The bait fish will help to feed the amazing diversity of reef and pelagic species seen on the walls and drop off sites.

There will be weekly introductory courses, reef check training courses and evening presentations on Turtles, Marine conservation, small creatures as well as on environmental issues the destructive nature of blast/bomb fishing and the problems associated with loss of sharks.

The project will be filmed in HQ and eventually broadcast by Discovery channel or Animal Planet,  TV and news reports will go out on Malaysian TV, Newspapers, magazines, Blogs, Facebook and our websites.

Top class airconditioned accomodation or tents on the beach are both available.  You can learn to dive on the island and both non divers and snorkellers can help with the coral planting, turtle monitoring.  We prefer volunteers for min of 4 nights to arrive on thursday or Monday mornings in Semporna Sabah. Excellent introductory discounts for 7 days 6 night stays (qualified divers only). We also have marine science courses for divers.

Contact us if you want to be a part of this massive event.

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