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Shark awareness campaign

Kuala Lumpor, Malaysia

3.158342, 101.713743

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Aquaria KLCC is joining with TRACC, Shark Savers Malaysia and others to launch a save the sharks campaign.  Exhibits, displays, information & a school programme will all be used to raise awareness of the shark crisis.  The campaign ultimately aims to change the law in Malaysia to add sharks to the protected species list.

TRACC, JCI, Shark Crisis and others have been very successful with a campaign to protect sharks in Sabah (diving destination state on island of Borneo).  The state government has agreed to add sharks to the protected species list in early 2012. Keep up to date with our Facebook campaign.


This campaign spearheaded by Aquaria KLCC and advised by Prof Steve Oakley from TRACC will be the spearhead of an awareness campaign for shark conservation in West Malaysia.

Campaign objectives are here -

How you can help

If you are a diver you can help by :-

  1. Awareness volunteering at Aquaria KLCC or The Green Connection and talking to people about the shark crisis.
  2. Dive volunteers wanted to help protect sharks and replant coral on an island near Sipadan, Sabah.  (discount offered see below).
  3. Sending shark sighting data to the Global shark survey,  Where did you see sharks, how many dives did you not see sharks, where were you, when?  All the data is in your logbook.


Proactive conservation

To further raise awareness TRACC volunteer programme is offering a 10% discount for 1 diver or 15% for 2 divers who visit the Aquaria KLCC exhibit and volunteer to help save coral reefs and sharks.  TRACC is a non profit organisation and 100% of the funds raised go towards conservation.



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