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Shark Guardian Presentation EVERY Friday at Two Fish Divers, Bunaken Island

Manado, Indonesia

1.609138, 124.78011

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Shark Guardian is a non-profit organization founded by Brendon Sing, an experienced scuba diving instructor trainer with a great passion for sharks. Brendon has for over 12 years been focusing on shark conservation, education, supporting shark conservation efforts and leading scuba dives for shark encounters. The Shark Guardian presentation was created by Brendon to be used as an inspiring, fun and visually stimulating slide show to be viewed by dive centers, resorts, international schools, diving enthusiasts and the general public. This ever changing presentation (continuously being updated) presented by Brendon himself, has been viewed in several countries including South Africa, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. Shark Guardian is now the banner and symbol for future educational and inspiring presentations that will be presented worldwide. This is Shark Guardian.


The Shark Guardian multimedia based slide show has been in development for over 10 years. The presentation is unique and incorporates a combination of brilliant images and films, leaving the audience amazed and with a new found insight and appreciation for sharks. The presentation is designed to show people the true and natural beauty of sharks, their role in the eco-system and why sharks are vital for all life on Earth. The Shark Guardian presentation is suitable for all ages and when necessary it is altered to suit the audience.

As part of the presentation Brendon wants to show the audience how they can help and get involved with shark conservation efforts anywhere in the world. Through education and action, with the belief that we can make a difference and with the right motivation, we can achieve stronger protection for sharks worldwide.

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