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Shoreline Cleanup at Sai Gaeow Beach, Sichon, Thailand

Sichon, Thailand

9.020728, 99.926147

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On 9th September 2011 the English Programme from Anuban Nakhon Si Thammarat will visit Sai Gaeow Beach near Sichon.

We plan to divide into 2 groups and walk 1.5 km from opposite ends of the beach, cleaning a total of 3km.

This year, we will be taking over 240 students aged 7 to 12.

The students are taught about the damage caused each year to their shoreline and marine life by people dumping litter and waste into the ocean and on the beach.  They learn about the importance of their activity and how they can help to protect their environment.

After the cleanup, the students sort their collected litter and weight it.   They then relax by colouring and completing puzzles in their Beach Cleanup booklet. 

Last year we collected 212kg of litter.  We hope to beat that this year.

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