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Souldivers go high: The idea is to make our expedition in a way that people support us in our expedition and make a donation to Aware.


-3.08018, 37.354889

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The idea is to make our expedition in a way that people support us in our expedition and make a donation to Aware. In other words "We go to climb his huge mountain and you, our "fans" should encourage us by doing something for the underwater life.

So make your donation to AWARE, by supporting us on this trip. You can use the Donate buttom directly, stating your sponsorship to this action.


Who are we? I, Saskia Uit den Bogaard, 41 years, PADI Dive Master (in training as I write this, but expect to be certified when we leave), diving since 2004, Manager at ADP Netherlands BV, and also enthusiastic horseback rider. My husband, Frank Dorenbos, 46 years, PADI Staff Instructor, diving since 2003, General Manager at Protecteye Netherlands BV, and also enthusiastic golfer. We live in Rotterdam and from day 1 are connected to Soul Divers.

Why this choice? Well, we obviously could have done something regular as a sponsor for the sharks or manta rays. We also could have gone running. And we could have done a cleanup in any lake, sea or water. That's what we will still do, but we wanted something different, something irregular, something very contradictory, and therefore also very special.

When diving, it is often the depth to go into, whether it is 5 meters or 50 meters. But do you want to see something nice, you go below sea level,  it is as simple as that (mountain lake diving aside). So what more contrast to the go all the way "up" instead of going down. After all, the world above sea level is very important for the underwater world. It can not have one without the other. Think of acid rain, environment pollution, global warming ... etc. All factors that directly or indirectly affect what we see underwater. And as I recently learned in my Divemaster training, it is all part of the cycle that flows water around our globe.

Anyway, Kilimanjaro, it has become. In the end, we see all levels, because aftre climbing the mountain after we go on safari and then another week diving course. A reverse profile so to say, from very high to the depth. But we may be forgiven.

And when will all this happen? September 22nd we fly to the Kilimanjaro and 24th September (Monday, a good beginning of the week) we go to the camps of Machame, Shira, Barranco, Barafu (on Frank's birthday), Uhuru Peak (the peak) and then back down through Mweka Camp, where we expected to arrive on 29th of september again. We will then have one day rest before we continue our way :-).

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