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The start of a long term project of recycling and education in Dahab to help protect the beautiful environments above and below water in the new Egypt.

Dahab, Egypt

28.496394, 34.516983

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Underwater and beach clean up to start off a long term project in Dahab. Out goals are as follows:

Aim #1
To establish a recycling centre in Dahab.

Aim #2
To hold workshops and build structures/playgrounds with the materials that we collect from the beaches. The first project that will start will be a new ECO office in Dahab, made out of the materials that we find.

Aim #3
To build an artificial reef that can grow into new forms that the divers can explore

Dahab is where it all starts. Dahab is the seed. Please help us allow this seed to grow...

The first event where it all starts is THIS FRIDAY 29th JULY!

We will all meet at Sheikh Salem House at 3pm

Divers and non-divers needed.

Starting points and time : 10am for divers at Red Sea Relax, 3pm at Sheikh Salem House at 3pm for above water collectors. All gar
bage will be recycled or used for the new ECO Dahab office.

Clean our beaches, change our habits, save our world.

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