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Taking Action in Billean and Tegaipil Island

Sandakan, Malaysia

6.486999, 117.782707

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September is the month for action in SIMCA and Reef Guardian is taking action to save our marine environment.

In the past few years, Reef Guardian partnered with Lankayan Island Dive Resort to raise awareness on the need for healthy marine environment. This year, we are strengthening this effort by urging every participant to turn awareness into ACTION to save our marine environment from further degradation and destruction. 

With an action-based theme "Act Toward Ocean Conservation" this year, we move on from awareness to ACTION mode.

We are targeting 40 volunteers comprised of Lankayan Island Dive Resort in-house guests, local government enforcement agencies and NGO to join our event. This year event will include short marine awareness presentation, removing marine debris from both land and sea at Billean and Tegaipil Islands, as well as some fun games for participants after the cleanup activities. 

ACT!ON: Act Toward Ocean Conservation!

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