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Under Water and Beach Clean up at Blue Lagoon and Padang Bai Beach 06 December 11

Padang Bai , Indonesia

-8.533661, 115.514202

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Join our movement with involed on underwater and beach clean up at Blue Lagoon site and Padang Bai beach.

Blue Lagoon is a small bay with a steep white sand beach, located just northeast of Padangbai. The steepness of the beach means there are waves, therefore we take a 5 minute boat ride from Padang bai.

This action will use  Topi inn Restaurant "small beach side cafe" as base at 08.30 until 11.00.

This program will  divided by 2 group action, first Underwater clean Up that will conduct  by Ketut Suarta as AquaMarine Diving - Bali senior Instructor, with almost entire of  AquaMarine Diving - Bali dive staff , 1 day dives and collect the marine debris then record what we type debris we found. 

Second group, that will doing the Beach Clean up, that will leader by Devina as Project AWARE coodinator, as same with Underwater Beach clean Up, we will collect the Debris and report what we found.

All action will report and send to Project AWARE as part of helping our movement

Togerther in action Underwater & Beach clean up will make change and movement to green enviromental.

We pleased to aks you to join this program and feeling our green action.

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