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U/W Yahtzee Worldrecord for AWARE Shark Conservation 2013

Kolmården, Sweden

58.665499, 16.467044

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U/W Yahtzee Worldrecord for AWARE Shark Conservation 2013

In an effort to raise awareness of whats going on with our sharks, we decided to set a new worldrecord in a game of U/W yahtzee in a sharktank in January 2011. The event was conducted in the sharktank at Tropicarium Kolmården, Sweden. Surrounded by sandtiger sharks, black tip reef sharks, bamboo sharks, and a few species of rays, we played the game for 4 hours and 2 minutes. The event got even more media attention than we could possibly expect! Alot of people signed the AWERE shark petition.

Now it´s about time we continue our struggle raising awareness for the sharks! So far nobody broke our record, so we decided to break it! On January 14th 2013 we will be back in the sharktank at Tropicarium Kolmården playing U/W yahtzee once again with our lovely sharks. This time we are aiming for 6 hours+ bottomtime and even more petition signatures. If you are in the surroundings please feel free to come visit us and help us once again raise awareness of our sharks!


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