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Wetsuit Walk for Shark Conservation

Brisbane, Australia

-27.466651, 153.02673

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The Brisbane Wetsuit Walk on Saturday 10th November is taking on the job of positive publicist for sharks everywhere. It is going to be a fun day open to the public to join a mass walk for shark conservation, designed to engage and show Brisbane residents how many people care about sharks, and to dispel some of the negative views and media hype towards them. We are inviting people to join the walk and become a positive shark promoter by wearing a wetsuit, which can be unzipped (to keep cool) or even boardies, to create a visual sensation as the Brisbane Wetsuit Walk makes its way through the Brisbane CBD.

Several Brisbane dive schools and shops front the Brisbane Wetsuit Walk, including Snorkel Safari Brisbane, Dive World, Adreno, Brisbane Freedivers and the University of Queensland Dive Club, all of whom are active supporters of shark conservation.

Most divers get excited at the at the word ‘shark’ and diving with sharks is common practice in the dive community, as they are such amazing creatures to interact with. The general public however, are conditioned to believe sharks are scary but anyone that has ever dived with them knows different. Sharks have gotten a bad reputation, however this walk gives us the opportunity to get in amongst the public and talk to them as everyday people. We want to give them the facts and excite them about the important role sharks play in the ecosystem. The Brisbane Wetsuit Walk promises to be a fun day, with families and all ages welcome. We hope it will be inspiring, to get people interested and aware of what is happening in our oceans in a fun environment which will see a lot the Brisbane dive community band together to promote sharks and act as their positive PR, giving sharks a much needed image make-over.

At the present time we have over 100 people attending on our facebook event page ( and would be gratefully appreciative if YOU would join us and get behind the cause as well. We are going to create a HUGE spectacle and any support from you would help.

If nothing else, I'd like to ask that you share the event link on your Facebook page to help spread the word. If you are able to help in any other way, please call Miguel on 0404 842 616.

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