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Whale Shark Awareness Specialty Course

Koh Samui, Thailand

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One of the most fantastic experiences you can have as a diver is to find yourself in the presence of the biggest fish in the sea - a Whale Shark. Although it will more than likely only be a small one (if you can call something 4,5 or 6 metres long small), it is an amazing feeling to be there as the Whale Shark slowly glides through the water alongside you. The Whale Shark Awareness Distinctive Specialty introduces you to Whale Shark biology and behaviour and their distribution around the globe. You will also learn about Whale Shark monitoring programmes, research and conservation efforts as well as the correct diving and photographing techniques to adopt should you ever find yourself diving with a Whale Shark. The course requires a small amount of independent study and 2 open water dives, in which we can only prey we will encounter a Whale Shark.

The Dive Academy will be conducting the Whale Shark Awareness Specialty Course on 15th March 2014. We will be diving at Sail Rock then returning to The Dive Academy for a Presentation and Knowledge Development Session. Contact us for more information or to join on the course:

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