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Finn helps educate Montreal Scouts about shark conservation


For his final activity during his stay here in Montreal, Finn visited the local Pointe-Claire Scouts troop to help Action Scuba instructors inform and educate the youngsters about the plight of sharks and the importance of marine conservation.

The team from Action Scuba showed the Scouts photos from their various scuba adventures around the world, highlighting the importance of a wide variety of fish and marine creatures, and outlined the critical role sharks play in maintaining that balanced ecosystem.

The good news is that this young generation was already quite aware of the issues facing sharks today, and are now armed with more information to help them play the role of shark embassadors to their friends and family.

Finn has had a great stay in Montreal and enjoyed meeting so many local scuba divers and non-divers alike. We wish him a bon voyage to his next destination in Egypt and thank him for stopping by Montreal with Action Scuba!

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