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Shark conservation with Action Scuba Montreal



At Action Scuba, marine conservation and shark protection is not just a trendy topic, it's a deep seated passion. We are scuba divers first and foremost because of our love for the planet, the underwater world and all the beautiful creatures who live there.

Which is why we've been close partners with Project AWARE for a long time, and were the first dive centre in Canada to adopt 100% AWARE, an announcement that inspired others to do the same. We’re delighted to see so many other PADI centres, including our own competitors, following our lead because it means extra money going towards this great organization. 

And if more divers become AWARE, then we all win.

Which is why we launched the AWARE Shark Conservation Diver Specialty Course as soon as it was launched in 2011 and became the first dive centre in Montreal to do so.

We offered this course to our divers who joined us for our awesome scuba diving vacation in Little Cayman, and we did so solely to raise awareness and help encourage our divers to become evangelists for sharks. In fact, our instructors (and owners of Action Scuba) donated their time to plan and give this course this week to 12 keen students at cost + a donation to Project AWARE.

And because we’ve been studying sharks and their situation for many years, we are especially qualified to share this knowledge with you.

We're so passionate, we want everyone to learn that sharks are beautiful, magnificent and unique creatures that need our support and help to avoid extinction.

We're now offering this course on a regular basis, on all of our dive trips and this week in store, for FREE, as part of the Big Shark Shout Out Month!

Won’t you join us in our cause? 

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