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Action Scuba Montreal celebrates Earth Day 2014


How did you celebrate Earth Day 2014?

Our team at Action Scuba celebrated by heading out to a few local schools and organisations to promote marine conservation to the next generation. 

First, a small team consisting of IDC Staff Instructor Diane and Activities Coordinator Katie headed out to a local Sparks troop to talk about our underwater world and bring home a message about what the girls could do to make a real difference in protecting our ocean planet. 

The presentation included photos of the amazing creatures that we can see underwater, and then outlined how garbage ends up in our waterways and jeopardises those beautiful fish and critters. The message focused on reducing marine debris by using reusable water bottles, recycling more, and using reusable bags at the store. 

Then Master Instructor Felix visited a local elementary school later in the week with a similar message about marine conservation and Project AWARE. He meet with kids at a St Damase school and captivated their attention with photos of the underwater world and a story of the little things they too could do to protect it.

With outings like these, it's our hope that we can help create a new generaton of ambassadors for our marine world. While not yet even divers, if we can excite kids about protecting the oceans and rivers, they might still be around for them to enjoy when they are old enough to dive.

It's never too early to start saving our ocean planet!

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