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Scuba diving in the Galapagos - Now THAT's what we mean by Shark Week!


In a few weeks, we at Action Scuba will be leading not 1 but 2 groups of scuba divers from Montreal to the Galapagos islands. Our primary objective: dive with sharks - Lots of them.

We'll be lucky to dive in a place few people will ever see, and we'll see all sorts of large,  majestic marine creatures up close, including, (we hope) whale sharks and hammerheads.

And why are so many of our divers spending a small fortune to do this? Because we love sharks, and we love the ecosystems they thrive in.

Sharks are not the scary monsters everyone thinks they are. In fact, they are graceful and elegant and generally more scared of us than we are of them! And they keep the ocean healthy and give us places to dive that feature diverse fish species. 

But will that always be the case? Will divers always be able to head off to explore in Darwin's footsteps and visit large numbers sharks in their natural habitat? We hope so. But if shark finning bans don't start to get some real teeth (pardon the pun), that might not be the case.

So while we're exploring the Galapagos islands, we'll be making pledges to each of the sharks we see to continue being their advocates, fighting on their behalf, educating our community and supporting the work being done by organisations like Project AWARE.

And we'll share our photos, videos and stories with you on our return!

But first.... our Beach Clean-Up on September 15 at Centeen Park in Brockville. Join us!

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