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Save the Oceans - Teach Scuba Diving


Are you as passionate about the oceans and marine life as we are? Want to be able to bring about real change in the world? Wondering how you can influence lots of other people to change their attitudes about marine conservation?

Have you ever considered becoming a scuba instructor?

No, we're serious.

Every weekend we teach people to scuba dive, or help them fine tune their scuba diving skills. And what core principle is at the heart of everything we teach?

Protecting our oceans and marine life.

That's right. From the first day of a PADI Open Water course, our instructors start talking about protecting our oceans and the environment. They instill in others the same passion they themselves feel. 

Then, as they teach higher level courses, they infuse this passion and concern for the planet throughout. Whether it be by helping people fine tune their buoyancy to avoid damaging aquatic life, or by introducing divers to the wonders of underwater photography, the PADI courses are all about appreciation for the underwater world.

And there is no one better placed to influence others and warm them up to the idea of protecting our oceans and marine creatures than the PADI Pro who introduces new divers to this world.

So think about it. If you want to bring about real change and help make every diver an advocate for our oceans, why not become a PADI Divemaster or Instructor?

You can even become an AWARE Shark Conservation Diver Specialty Instructor!

Talk to us. We can help you get there.


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