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Promoting Project AWARE in Montreal



Caring for our oceans is what we do and why we scuba dive. So we’re pretty pleased that Project AWARE has featured us once again one their website as an example for others to follow. 


Because we truly care about the causes Project AWARE promotes and the work they do. The world beneath the sea is our second home and we want to do everything possible to help protect it and help educate others.

We believe in doing that one person at a time, and we’ve seen real progress in our community here in Montreal, among divers and non-divers alike, thanks to our efforts. 

The tools provided to us by Project AWARE are pretty awesome, and we’re happy to have found an organization that really cares about our oceans as much as we do. The team we work with there is passionate and tireless - kind of like some of our staff. 

Now, every single diver who is certified with Action Scuba gets a Project AWARE card and a donation made on their behalf. But more than that. we weave the concept of marine conservation into all of our courses, and we hope that all of our divers walk away with a renewed appreciation for the oceans and their role in protecting them.

So are we happy that Project AWARE has showcased us (again)? You bet! But not because we’re keen to be in the spotlight. Rather, it’s because we believe that by showing others how fun and easy it can be to support Project AWARE, we’ll bring about even more change as other divers follow our lead.

Want to join us? Find out more about how you can be involved in the Project AWARE community in Montreal by clicking here, visiting our website, or stopping by.

Be sure to create your My Ocean profile - and become our dive buddy!

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