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Calypso Diving FINathon 2013.


29TH May 2013 will go down in the history books..........


It was decided to hold the Calypso Diving FINathon at the end of May due to the bad weather that can hinder our paradise like conditions in July. The whole team were involved in the event getting excited about how far they would swim. There was always going to be a certain element of competion but no one could ever see what the outcome would be.


I made a wild claim that I would swim 1.5 km if I reached my target of $300, and an even bolder claim that I would swim an extra 100m for every $10 over the target.


With friends and family like mine I will never need any enemies, or maybe they just love sharks and rays. Massive donations came in from all over the world and it was suddenly clear that I would not be swimming the 1.5 km..........


$900 later and I was in for the swim of my life....... 7.5 km!


It was a brilliant event, everyone set out together and most people swam between 1 and 2 km. After 45 minutes there was only me left. At 4 km I hit a wall. Water and a chocolate bar later and I was feeling a bit better. 5 km and jelly fish decided they would show up and sting the backs of my legs!!! The last 1.5 km and my arms felt like hams. So much pain.


It was easily the longest swim of my life and thank you to all my sponsors and thank you to everyone who kindly donated to the Calypso Diving FINathon. The sharks and rays will be happy :)

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