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Dive Against Debris Jeddah Saudi Arabia


I have organized a Dive Against Debris Program, at Shams Resort, Abhor Jeddah, Saudi Arabia on 16/10/2015 with 33 participants (Divers & Instructor), the diving sight was very beautiful with a lot of  amazing corals and lot of fishes and the visibility of diving was very clear view.

We have taken out the following kind of garbage.

1)                           Plastic Tables

2)                           Plastic Chairs

3)                           Plastic Bottles

4)                           Juice & Water Glasses

5)                           All Cold Drinks Canes

6)                           Vehicles Tyres

7)                           Boat Batteries

8)                           Masks, Fins, Snorkels, Boot etc

We have did 2 dives and spent around 120 minutes under the water and the total time of the program was 7 Hours my team did a very hard work to clean the beach and each diver cleaned 2 times to clean the beach properly 100% to save the Corals, Fishes and Ocean.

However  on the same time I have organized Fanathon & My Ocean program and collected donation to protect the Sharks and Ocean.

Alaa Saeed M. Almasri

PADI MI# 265974



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