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More Debris collected through June


So Amarilla DIvers started their Dive Against Debris in the month of May but we collected so much rubbish and there was still many dives sites that we had not been to OR that had much more debris than we could collect at one we went back to these sites and are now continuing the debris collection on every dive.

We have found that most of the debris collected is household rubbish that people are throwing in to our oceans! This is of course not a great thing to do.

With some of our sites being specific for the Green Back turtles, we found many many plastic bags!! This is of course a huge danger to the fish and especially our lovely Turtle friends too.


We at Amarilla Divers here is Tenerife also have a NO TOUCH policy when it comes to our underwater friends and we just like to enjoy the surroundings with our divers. This has been very successful for us and we are proud to say our divers and staff have been hands off on every dive PLUS they have all joined in with the rubbish collection.

We now enter the month of July, where we will continue to be Project AWARE and clean our oceans.


See you soon :)

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