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Dive Against Debris May 2012


So during the month of May, Amarilla Divers and their divers collected as m uch rubbish as they could get from every site we dived. This ended up being lots of dives and lots of rubbish!!

We found many different types of rubbish although the majority was cans & bottles, we did come across a few things that were rather strange!!

We actually found on one dive an electric chain saw! we did not have a lift bag and was unable to bring it back, but we will definitely be back to thi ssite with the bag to bring it ashore.

We also found lots of fishing tackle on the dive sites and actually most was in the areas of marine reserve, where fishing is banned!

The divers all had fun collecting the rubbish and we managed to get a few pictures too.

Now although our Debris Month has finished, we will still be collecting rubbish abd registering the results with Project Aware. We have found that our divers are more educated about this subject and will also continue to help clean up our oceans.


This has been an excellent month and we are now counting up all the debris collected so that we have a final figure available.


Many thanks to all our divers and dive team for their hard work.

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