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Raleigh International June-August 2014 expedition Mini Project AWARE


In the recent Raleigh expedition I have the pleasure to work with some of the most cheerful group in the expedition. They come from different background and work together in this expedition as a group.

Raleigh is a non-profit organisation base in the U.K and Borneo Divers has been working side by side with them since 2003 doing underwater conservation project from Reef Survey to Coral Planting and also Project AWARE.  

For years Raleigh Expedition Borneo and Borneo Divers been fighting against debris here in Tengku Abdul Rahman Park situated  10-20 minute from the the city of Kota Kinabalu, SABAH.

This time we didn’t manage to get much rubbish due to the constant underwater clean-up done here at Mamutik Island and that is a good sign for the reef, tourism industries and diver alike.

The dive is schedule for 1 hour consists of 2 dive instructor and 11 Raleigh venture and plan depth is 5-10m. We divided the group into two separate groups and headed toward the North side and south side of Mamutik house reef. The group that headed toward the south side of the island didn’t manage to do the full time of the dive due to some technical problem from one of the diver and they surface up just after  30minute into the dive. But the group that headed toward the North side of the island manage to do the entire 1 hour dive and below are the amount of collected rubbish combine

Plastic material = 35Kg

Bottle = 14Kg

Cans = 8kg

Metal = 800g

Fishing line/net = 1.3kg

Other = 5kg

Total rubbish collected = 64.1 Kg


They will be more posting regarding the wonderful effort from Raleigh International expedition and Borneo Divers to protect and educate youth of today about the ocean and all the wonder it has to offer. End. 

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