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' LOST' Net removal by Borneo Divers and Raleigh Int. Group


Fishing using a net is a usual practice anyway in the world, but sometimes people who traspass certain area such as Tunku Abdul Rahman Park situated 10min from Kota Kinabalu City will abandon their net in a hurry when the Park Ranger is approching to avoid themself to be caught red handed doing something that is ilegal witin the Park area.

On the morning of the 4th of April our dive team set out as usual to Gotto Reef one of many dive site here, lead buy our Divemaster Jonathan with a team of four leisure diver they start their decends to the beautiful coral reef of South Sulug Reef, 30mins into the dive the Divemaster spotted the net, usually one person should be able to retrive the net but this one is about 100m long with so many marine life still attach to the net and most of it are dead. The Divemaster take note of the location and surface up to take the surface bearing than he return to the dive center. 

Within 2 hours after the 1st dive, we gather all the necessary tools and set out to the same dive site but this time we bring along Raleigh International group consist of 8 certified diver to assist us with the removal of the net. 

It took us more the 45 min to remove partial of the net and another 30min on the other half of it. In the end we manage to remove all of the net and with the help of Sabah Park we dispose the net on the same day. 

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