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06 December 2011 Underwater at Blue Lagoon and Beach Clean Up at Padang Bai Beach


Tuesday, 06 December 2011

AquaMarine Diving - Bali join the movement to save our future ocean life by Under water and Beach Clean up at Blue Lagoon.

Blue Lagoon is a small bay with a steep white sand beach, located just northeast of Padangbai. The steepness of the beach means there are waves, therefore we take a 5 minute boat ride from Padangbai. The topography is not spectacular: white sand bottom, which slopes gradually to 22m, has scattered rocks, soft corals and a huge area of staghorn coral. The fish life however is amazing! A large napoleon wrasse is occasionally sighted, and the area is home to several kinds of reef shark, stonefish, moray and blue ribbon eels, nudibranches, rays, squid and octopus, leaf scorpion fish in every hue and stargazers, giant frogfish and cuttlefish

This movement involve 26 volunteer which contain of 9 diveguide (included Annabel Thomas, Owner of AquaMarine, instructure's and divemaster), 6 office staff, 9 crew boat and 3 local community (included porter and staff restaurant at Topi Inn)

This action is devided by two group, first group conduct Underwater Clean up that leader by Ketut Suarta "OWSI 462394" and Assist by Kadek Juliani "DM 257631", their focus is clean up the fishing line that available on Ble Lagoon site with space approx 50m . Second group conduct Beach Clean up at Padang Bai beach in fron of Topi Inn Restaurant leader by Devina, our area approx. 20m at beach.

With duration almost 60 munites, all of group (Under Water and Beach) are collect approx. 30 kg debris. Most of debris come from Beach Clean Up approx. 25kg, rest of that Approx.5 kg is come from Underwater clean up (Fishing Line)

On the beach, we can found Plastic Bag, Beverage Bottle (Plastic and Glass), Cigarette, lamp, Shoe, Clothes in even Diapers and etc. On underwater, like our focus we get fishing line, ballast fisihing line and hook

With a lot of debris that we collect on the beach, we need to spread out the information about keep the enveromental clean and organize their debris (recycling, wisely to waste and use their plastic material. Also for local comunity that ussually fishing on this area need to be maintain their tool and aware how to fishing more friendly to ocean.

We do hope with this action will give effect to our environmental and we will continue to next project. 

See you on our next project and save our ocean



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