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Underwater & Beach clean up at Blue Lagoon (Padangbai - 06 June 2013)


AquaMarine Diving - Bali, greatly thank you for every participant that joing our trip today.

Started early leaving 07.00 from our office we pick up Whan (All4Diving manager) and Andy (Reef check) on Sanur area, leading by Ketut Suarta (senior instructor AquaMarine) by 09.00 we meet with Cedric (Gecko Dives) at Topi Inn restaurant.

Underwater, we have 8 diver attack all the fishing line and marine debris, on the beach we have AquaMarine crew boat (AM1 & AM2) & AquaMarine Driver also Topi Inn restaurant team and don't forget there are local comunity to helping the action today.

In the end we have 1 kg of Fising line and 1 big bag of trash.

Thank you so much for every body that join this acction without you involing this action the effect will not hugely as today.

We looking forward to seeing your effort in the future, come on join with us.


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