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Aussie Fundraiser 3rd Beach Cleanup with Adelaide Scuba


Arriving in Adelaide early Friday morning from a short ride from Hahndorf. Adelaide is a very pretty city with lots of old buildings and very well laid out, easy to find your way around city. Often referred to as the city of Churches, but no more. Adelaide is a very exciting city with lots of good pubs, coffee shops, bars, taverns and some great restaurants not to mention the parks and places of interest. Cultural in many ways, with lots of entertainment. Our two days were packed by visiting the dive centres and taking in the charm of Adelaide. Dinning and being entertained was a pleasure and I can recommend this city to anyone as a must do when in Australia.

Adelaide Beach and underwater clean up with Adelaide Scuba was another great day. Josh and DahniD’Ambrosio took good care of us with a fine crew of professionals setting the stage for a good day and a fun fundraiser. The beach clean up was conducted on Glenelge beach and I’m happy to say there was not a lot of debris found as the beach is kept clean, however we did find a good bag or so, of mostly plastics and some old fishing gear. The underwater cleanup was conducted around the Glenelge Pier where a lot of fishing gear was recovered, a Port Jackson shark was found snagged in some fishing gear and then released, fishing gear recovered! A few kilo of weights, more fishing gear including a fishing rod and real, some bottles and other rubber goods were retrieved. All in all another good day for the cleanup.

The BBQ was held back at Adelaide Scuba where a fine BBQ was put on with sausages, chicken, salads, lots of little extras and everyone was very happy and full. The raffle took off and much to the surprise of one Daniel Pace who took home the week stay at El Galleon with unlimited Nitrox diving at Asia Divers, the Waterproof 5mmM2 wetsuit and the TUSA musk fines and Snorkel set!  Well done Daniel, we will see you at El Galleon soon. Stefan Highet took home the Leonardo Cressi dive computer, Brett Williamson took home the DAN books and David Raymond took home the Surface Marker, marker buoy. Congratulations to all. Off to Perth next weekend for the next Aussie Fundraiser beach and underwater cleanup.

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