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Balkysub get the PADI Green Star AWARD



Since the last november Balkysub is a new PADI Green Star Award Dive Center. Thanks to Balkysub divers who are Always excited in every Environmental event. Also Balkysub meets green practices as much as we can.


What is the Green Star Award Program?


 Go green and earn recognition for your conservation practices with the new PADI Green Star Award™

There’s more to going green than simply jumping on the eco bandwagon. Conservation initiatives can reduce your costs while strengthening your brand, especially when you strategically introduce them into your overall business plan. With today’s environmentally conscious consumer, going green can also be a competitive advantage.

Now, PADI offer have a powerful tool to assist your organization and implementation of an environmental conservation program in your dive center or resort: The PADI Green Star Award. The award helps you identify practical actions you can take to protect and preserve the environment and support your bottom line. With the PADI Green Star Award, you choose the specific actions you’d like to implement, which means the award is completely customized based on your dive center or resort. This award not only helps you identify specific actions you can take to preserve and protect the environment; it also challenges you to continue reducing your environmental footprint.

The Green Star Award identifies your business as one that cares about the environment and is acting to protect it. When you achieve Green Star Award status, you can show customers you care about conservation by using the PADI Green Star Award logo and icon and, if you choose to receive a printed copy, prominently displaying the  Green Star Award Certificate and Green Star Window Decal at your business. You'll also earn the right to display the Green Star Award icon in your Dive Shop Locator listing at The Green Star Award is done in partnership with Project AWARE. As part of your application, once you are approved, you will be required to give a donation to the Project AWARE Foundation. There are cost associated with the PADI Green Star Award other than that one time donation. For more information or to apply for the PADI Green Star Award, contact your PADI regional office.




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