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The first student of a brand new Specialty Courses


These guys did not joke at all. Before arriving to Mexico they were already calling me from the transit terminal of the Miami airport:

- prepare for us, we want to dive, and we want to dive a lot. And we arecomingto see the sharks!

Well we prepared for four dives (plus a night if anyone would be interested:)) a day, and every morning for the doubles we chose a spot where the chances to see sharks are the best. 

When they arrived and checked in to the dive center they already reserved their Bull Shark Diver course, they wanted to be the very first ones. We went for some easy dives in the afternoon, for warming up, than to Mama Viña the next morning. What is better than the promises of a nice wreck with Bull Sharks around.


The dive was fat, just finishing with the lower deck of the wreck the sharks appeard, so we decided to stay with them, and drifted away from the boat. Sharks around, smiling divers all the way until our safety stop.


The theory session of the course was a succes, all the questions were answered,all theconcerns gone.


A perfect first time :)

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