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Big Blue Cleanup


Well, how dedicated are we - over 50 people braved the storm on Saturday to participate in this years International Cleanup day at Big Blue! Staff, trainee Divemasters and lots of other volunteers helped collect rubbish from North Sairee beach - both on land and under the sea. Every year, debris in the water harms millions of fish and aquatic life, but we at Big Blue love our reefs to much to see them become a rubbish dump! So we set out to clean that rubbish up, polish the coral and scrub the fish until they were sparkling clean! We collected over 50 kgs of rubbish, (including a toaster?!) so a fantastic job guys well done!!

Don't worry if you missed this event, we do it on the last Saturday of every month! And guess what... the dive is FREE!! So come join in!

Even if you can't make the next clean up, you can always do you own little bit on every dive - just ask us for a mesh bag and collect away.

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