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Mangrove Reef - clean up dive around cable impact site


On Sunday our group of divemaster trainees was out on Mangrove Reef working on the impact area of the submarine cable.

The cable has many empty fuel barrels attached along it's length between a depth of 4-10m. These barrels have been moving and smashing around in the current and destroying large patches of coral adjacent to the cable. Our group of DMTs dived along the cable and cut off many of these barrels in order to prevent continued damage to corals in the area. 

The barrels were then removed from the water... and within half an hour of returning to shore most of these barrels had been collected by local seaweed farmers and were being reused for various purposes such as mooring bouys!

Many barrels still remain along the cable length, so another clean-up expedition will take place in the near future.

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